Monday, December 5, 2016


Wow!  After months away from blogging I couldn't get into my blog but I finally did it!!!!My SIL and I tried all Thanksgiving weekend so I tried to start a new one and finally made one last ditch effort and got in again!!!! Thank goodness.  We have had a blessed Thanksgiving - 35 people for dinner (me and Charlie did it all by ourselves thank you!) and 17 to spend the night Saturday night.  We have our Thanksgiving on Saturday so those who don't live here can get here.  We were lucky to have may daughter and her family here from Georgia (haven't seen them in two years!) and we had all but one of our six kiddos here for dinner.  We have recently become great grandparents to a little girl by my hubby's grandson and are anxiously awaiting twins by his oldest granddaughter.  I'll share a page I did for the CSI #216 Case File. 

 I'll be back again soon!  Going to try to be a better blogger (early New Years Resolution!)

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