Saturday, March 4, 2017

Case File #225

Well I have another Case File for you today.  Always fun when we get to play along with Em's sketch as well.   Check us out over at CSI blog.  I've been so busy - who thought retirement was more work than working!  I think I've traded working out for work, then added to the already numerous baby blankets that I make normally to making preemie blankets, hats and headbands.  Taking another load down to UHS in San Antonio this week.  That and enjoying the little twins whenever I get a chance. 

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Monday, February 27, 2017

CASE File #224

 A little late getting this up but here's my page for Case File #224.  Loved this one! My daughter with her second annual trip to Colorado with her Nursing School buddies. 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CSI Case File #223

Can 't believe we are on Case File #223.  Think I have been on CSI since almost the beginning!  Love it when we get to have an Em's sketch along with the Case File.  For evidence I used - gingham plaid, clouds, monsters, distressing and fabric ( those corners are fabric).  For testimony I journaled about a meal or the constant ones with twins!  Keep these little darlings last week and they definitely kept me hopping trying to feed two hungry babies at the same time.  Course now when Mom came and took one of them to an appointment the other one ate and slept the rest of the time - lol!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

CSI Case File #222 and Happy Birthday to CSI!

Today I have a new page for the CSI Case File #222.  It's also the fifth birthday of CSI.  I have been a Designer for Debbi for the majority of those files and love working the Case File.  Today I have another page of my daughter (middle) with two of her fellow NICU nurses at Brandy's annual Christmas party.  I've gotten to vacation with these girls and they are so much fun!
Yesterday I got to babysit with the twin great grandbabies (Aiden and Ava) and we had so much fun!  BUT twins are hard to keep up with at their little age.  Put one down the other needs changed or fed and that went on all day long!  Luckily my hubby was there to help and Grandma couldn't resist and came down to lend a hand mid-afternoon.   Can't wait to do it again though!  Little Aiden is almost 9 pounds now (at a month old) and little Ava is about six and a half.  Sooo totally have my heart already!

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Case File #221 over at CSI

Happy New Years everyone!  Hope everyone had a marvelous evening!  Went out for awhile with family and had a good time!. Now today off to see the babies again!  Get over as often as we can!  These adorable little guys, Aiden and Ava were born December 13th so are our Christmas babies!  I haven't had babies around in close to 20 years so I'm loving this!   We took this babies Momma home with us from the hospital when I had Brandy (27 years ago) because she was so jealous that Papaw had a new baby!   Loved the colors this time and the testimony fit perfect with our little birthday twins!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

CSI CASE File ##220

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks around here!  I went to Colorado the first of November - we had 35 for dinner and 17 overnight for Thanksgiving.  Had a new great grand baby right before Thanksgiving and on the 13th we welcomed twins - boy and girl - both great grand babies!  Now re are running the road for Christmas because my Brandy has to work Christmas so we are going down there for a couple of days to see her while she's off.  I had to create an entirely new blog - I never could get into my old one - grrrr!  Here's my take for Case File #220.

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Monday, December 5, 2016


Wow!  After months away from blogging I couldn't get into my blog but I finally did it!!!!My SIL and I tried all Thanksgiving weekend so I tried to start a new one and finally made one last ditch effort and got in again!!!! Thank goodness.  We have had a blessed Thanksgiving - 35 people for dinner (me and Charlie did it all by ourselves thank you!) and 17 to spend the night Saturday night.  We have our Thanksgiving on Saturday so those who don't live here can get here.  We were lucky to have may daughter and her family here from Georgia (haven't seen them in two years!) and we had all but one of our six kiddos here for dinner.  We have recently become great grandparents to a little girl by my hubby's grandson and are anxiously awaiting twins by his oldest granddaughter.  I'll share a page I did for the CSI #216 Case File. 

 I'll be back again soon!  Going to try to be a better blogger (early New Years Resolution!)