Sunday, January 1, 2017

Case File #221 over at CSI

Happy New Years everyone!  Hope everyone had a marvelous evening!  Went out for awhile with family and had a good time!. Now today off to see the babies again!  Get over as often as we can!  These adorable little guys, Aiden and Ava were born December 13th so are our Christmas babies!  I haven't had babies around in close to 20 years so I'm loving this!   We took this babies Momma home with us from the hospital when I had Brandy (27 years ago) because she was so jealous that Papaw had a new baby!   Loved the colors this time and the testimony fit perfect with our little birthday twins!

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  1. Such sweet photos, Debbie! Love the happy festive feel of your page!

  2. I love love love this layout Debbie!! Would have to be one of my favourites!! xx