Sunday, January 15, 2017

CSI Case File #222 and Happy Birthday to CSI!

Today I have a new page for the CSI Case File #222.  It's also the fifth birthday of CSI.  I have been a Designer for Debbi for the majority of those files and love working the Case File.  Today I have another page of my daughter (middle) with two of her fellow NICU nurses at Brandy's annual Christmas party.  I've gotten to vacation with these girls and they are so much fun!
Yesterday I got to babysit with the twin great grandbabies (Aiden and Ava) and we had so much fun!  BUT twins are hard to keep up with at their little age.  Put one down the other needs changed or fed and that went on all day long!  Luckily my hubby was there to help and Grandma couldn't resist and came down to lend a hand mid-afternoon.   Can't wait to do it again though!  Little Aiden is almost 9 pounds now (at a month old) and little Ava is about six and a half.  Sooo totally have my heart already!

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  1. It will be even more hard to keep up with them when they learn to run (in different directions:)))
    Beautiful Lo with awesome background.